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Terms & Conditions

All sales from Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. (via the | website or through any eBay auctions operating as eBay user "kesslermusic") are accompanied with a 3-day trial period. The customer is allowed 3 days (72 hours) from the date the merchandise is received (dates verified through UPS website and tracking numbers  - available upon request), to evaluate and test the merchandise. If the customer is  not completely satisfied with the quality, condition, or overall playability of the instrument, they may return it for a full refund less Shipping and Handling charges with the following exceptions:

  • Damage to the merchandise by the customer's own misuse.
  • Accidental damage while merchandise is in customer's possession.
  • Payment was made by American Express -more information-

The customer is responsible for inspecting the merchandise upon arrival. If damage has occurred in shipping, the customer MUST notify Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. immediately using the phone number provided inside the package or via e-mail so that Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. may instruct the customer on the steps that need to be taken. All claims of damage will have to be inspected by the Shipping company. Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. fully insures all packages up to or over the replacement value of the merchandise being shipped. Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. will not refund any item(s) damaged in shipping if the customer has failed to file a claim or has failed to meet any of the above mentioned conditions.

Any return that does not meet all criteria mentioned above may be subject to at least a 20% restocking fee.

Credit Card Payment Terms

Kessler & Sons Music gladly accepts all major credit cards. However, we can only ship to addresses that are verified by the issuing bank. This has to be either the actual Billing Address with the issuing bank or an "Alternate Shipping Address" that is on file with the issuing bank for that card. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Many banks will allow their customers to have 2 separate addresses on file because of the large amount of customers wanting to ship to different addresses (i.e. work, parents home, neighbor). In most cases, all a customer needs to do to add an alternate shipping address is call their bank.

American Express Payment Terms

Kessler & Sons Music gladly accepts American Express. We can only ship to addresses that are verified by the issuing bank. This has to be either the actual Billing Address with the issuing bank or an "Alternate Shipping Address" that is on file with the issuing bank for that card. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Refunds - American Express does not refund the dealer transaction fees if we refund money on an American Express card. These transaction fees average around 3% of the total sale paid for by Kessler & Sons Music. With the other payment methods accepted, Kessler & Sons Music is also refunded our transaction fee. Because of this, if a customer decides to pay with American Express and later decides to return an item for a refund, there will be a 3% restocking fee to cover this charge. This policy goes into effect on April 13, 2007. Any transaction from 4/13/2007 and beyond will be subject to this policy. Any transaction processed prior to 4/13/2007 will not be subject.

Shipping Terms

Kessler & Sons Music almost exclusively ships via UPS ( All shipping costs will be pre-paid (unless otherwise specified) by the customer. ALL shipments from Kessler & Sons Music require a Direct Signature. Items will not be shipped without a signature. There are no exceptions.

Kessler & Sons Music will also use the US Postal Service for some shipments.

Kessler & Sons Music ships all items with full insurance. No exceptions.

On first time transactions, we do not release tracking numbers. This is due to the fact that customers could potentially change the delivery address using the tracking number. When this happens, it voids our only form of ID verification which is ensuring delivery is made to an address that we have verified with the issuing credit card company. We will gladly track packages for customers to inform them of delivery day.

International Transactions

All International Transactions must be paid with an International Money Order. Credit Cards will NOT be accepted for any International Transaction. The customer will be responsible for any and all applicable Taxes or fees associated with the shipment. International transactions will be shipped via the United States Postal Service ( or through UPS ( at the sole discretion of Kessler & Sons Music. All costs for shipping we will be prepaid by the buyer and will be paid with either an International Money Order. The method of shipment for International Transactions will be solely at the discretion of Kessler & Sons Music.

International customers dealing with Kessler & Sons Music over eBay (as eBay user: "kesslermusic") MUST pre-arrange all payment and shipping details with Kessler & Sons Music prior to bidding. If customer does not pre-arrange these details, Kessler & Sons Music has the right to refuse the transaction without any negative or neutral feedback retaliation from the customer. Should the customer post feedback of this sort, you agree to have this feedback removed. The ONLY acceptable proof of pre-arrangement is written e-mails.

It is understood that any purchase through Kessler & Sons Music, Inc. via any website owned by Kessler & Sons Music or through any eBay auctions operating under eBay user "kesslermusic", that the customer has already read and agreed to the terms above. Kessler & Sons Music is committed to 100% customer satisfaction but we need the help of the customer to do this. We ask that all customers do take the time to read these terms to ensure satisfaction. If the customer does not agree with the terms, they should exit the site.

International Bidders Policy on eBay Actions from "kesslermusic"

All eBay auctions listed by Kessler & Sons Music DBA "kesslermusic" are listed with shipping ONLY to the USA. However, Kessler & Sons Music reserves the right to allow international bidders who are pre-approved via e-mail by Kessler & Sons Music to bid on select auctions. eBay members outside of the USA who bid on auctions being offered by "kesslermusic" without this pre-approval risk their bids being cancelled and agree that no action can be taken against "kesslermusic" for such bid cancellation.


All prices subject to change without notice. Please call for current pricing.
All actual product photographs are exclusive property of Kessler & Sons Music unless otherwise specified, and may not be used with out written permission from Kessler & Sons Music.

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