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Scott Cao 750 "Artistic Series" Viola
model "daSalo"

Why Should I Buy From Kessler & Sons Music
Every instrument we sell has been chosen for the performance value that it offers. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help the customer pick the right instrument for them. We evaluate every instrument up against the competition on the market and only choose to sell the instruments that offer you the best value.
Desert Aged - Like a fine wine, wood gets better with age...
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Scott Cao's 750 Series violas are our most well received instruments in the history of our store. They are completely handmade and offer what we feel to be the best value on the current string market. The 750 models feature Italian Spruce tops, Chinese Maple back & sides, Dominant strings, Aubert bridge, Ebony fingerboard and pegs and a complete professional setup.

This model 750 is based on the viola patterns used by Gasparo da Salo. The 750 Da Salo is not a copy of any specific model that was made, but rather of the style of the violins made by Gasparo da Salo. Da Salo made violas over a century before the famed Stradivari and Guarneri makers.

Da Salo models are one of our more preferred models for their incredibly beautiful, rich tone. They possess the most beautifully dark and rich, iconic viola sound that we have ever found.

History of "da Salo"
Gasparo da Salo    

Gasparo da Salo is the name used by Gasparo Bertolotti (1542-1609), who was born at Salo on Lake Garda, Brescia, Italy. A dedicated craftsman, he was formerly credited with having developed the violin in the shape we now know it. Although this claim is now disproved, his instruments are nevertheless admired and venerated. He is considered to be the founder of the Brescian school of violin makers.

Source: Smithsonian -view original article-


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