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Scott Cao Strings Violins

Scott Cao violins are the most impressive playing instruments in their class offering customers an instrument with performance of instruments far above their price. These instruments have been our best selling "Performance Level" violin and viola in the history of our store.

What is a "Performance Level" violin? Many stores will use other terms such as Intermediate, Professional, Hand-Made, Top of the Line, etc... The problem is that it is not the violin that dictates what is Professional. All of those terms are more accurate when describing the player. For instance, a professional player can make ANY violin, regardless of its level and price, sound like a professional instrument. Likewise, a student will make even the $10,000 violins sound like a student instrument.

Performance violins are where most players should be looking when they are buying an instrument. These are typically more in the Intermediate price range but offer hand-craftsmanship and play like upper end violins. These are ideal for the high school player as well as the adult hobbyist.

Scott Cao 750

Completely handmade in made in Scott Cao's GuangZhou workshop. The "Artistic" Series violins are made by prize-winning luthiers under the supervision of Scott Cao, Shen Chi Ming and Guan Shang Chi.

The 750 features:
  - Italian Spruce Top
  - Chinese Maple Back & Sides
  - Dominant Strings
  - Professional Setup

The "Artistic" Series Instruments are available in many different "copies" of famous violins throughout history. We keep a wide variety of several different models and hand select these instruments for their exceptional individual tones.

There are many 750 & 750S models available from Scott Cao. If there is a specific model you are looking for, please ask!

Featured 750 Artistic Re-Creations

Scott Cao 750E

The 750E is the same as the 750 model above except it is made from all European woods like the 850 is. It is more of a plain flamed 850 model with 750 trim. These violins may not be as cosmetically thrilling as the other models but are an incredible value.

Featured 750E Artistic Re-Creations

Scott Cao 850

The 850 Series instruments are identical to the 750 with the one exception being the maple. The 850 series uses European (Bosnian) Maple for the Back and Sides.

We only keep 850 models when they play noticeably better then the 750. We do this because we do not believe that a violin should be more expensive "just because". We believe that if it is more expensive, then it should be a better playing instrument.

Featured 850 Artistic Re-Creations

Scott Cao 950

The 950 Series instruments feature the same sourced woods from the 850 Series but use the most choice pieces. The 950 Models are then entirely finished in Scott Cao's Morgan Hill, CA facility.

Featured 950 Artistic Re-Creations

Scott Cao Signature Series

The Scott Cao Signature Series violins are made 100% in Scott Cao's Morgan Hill, CA studio workshops. Using the highest quality woods and under the direct supervision of Scott Cao, these instruments offer exceptional performance for the demanding player. Available in 2 models, the Signature and the Signature Superior.

The Signature Surperior uses the best pieces of wood and are entirely made by Scott's top luthier, Shi Liao and then finished side by side with Scott Cao himself.

These instruments are very small production. Please contact us for availability.  We usually stock the Signature Superior model.


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