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Kessler & Sons Music Features Cellos from Classical Strings and other makers. All of these fine manufacturers offer a perfect blend of professional hand craftsmanship and affordability.

Any cello that you buy from Kessler & Sons Music is completely professionally shop adjusted prior to shipping. This way you have the peace of mind that the instrument is ready to play from the minute you receive it.

Also keep in mind that instruments purchased from Kessler & Sons Music typically have had a chance to dry out more than in most music stores. This is due to Las Vegas' dry climate. We constantly monitor our instruments to make sure that they stay in good playing shape during this process. The end result is an instrument that is more resonant and vibrant than the same instrument would have been in many local music stores.

Please Note: At this time, Kessler & Sons Music does not Ship cellos out of our local market. This page exists for the benefit of our local customers (Las Vegas) and for customers who are coming in to our stores from out of state.

Core Academy A31

Fully laminated student cello with maple neck, ebony board and ebony pegs. Inlaid purfling and fully setup in the USA with D'Addar strings and quality bridge. Glasser tailpiece with integral fine tuners, padded bag and student bow included.

Classical Strings model 70 - 4/4 Only

The Classical Strings model 70 cello is the best value available for beggining player today. When you consider the fact that these student models include D'Addario Strings, a professional setup with hand cut and fit bridge, ebony fingerboard and pegs - all of which are already included at no additional charge, you will find that there is no better value on the student market.

Comes padded bag with Brazilwood bow and natural horsehair. Available in 4/4 only.

Other models available! Come in a try them out!

All prices subject to change without notice. Please call for current pricing.
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