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Basic Student Violins

The term "Basic Student" can mean many things when it comes to Violins. Some people will call a cheap no name violin a Basic Student model. Other companies with give this title to simply their least expensive violin. We use this term to denote what we feel is the absolutely best quality, low cost violins available. You won't find your typical eBay type of violin in our shop because many times, those violins are of a sub-par quality. They use the wrong woods, are setup incorrectly, and commonly have terrible strings ... not to mention a bow that is typically worthless right out the box!

In our shop, every violin goes through a complete professional setup (typically this would cost $60 to have done on a violin that is not setup properly, plus the cost of the strings) and is setup with major name brand, quality strings. The bows are all inspected to make sure that they are good.When you buy one of our "Basic Student Violins", you are getting a REAL instrument that will be able to be played throughout the students first few years, not something that has to be replaced in 3-4 months.

Angel CAD-01

The Angel Strings CAD-01 is a durable, affordable student violin. Equipped with Ebony fingerboard & pegs and setup with D'Addario Prelude strings, the CAD-01 offers a low cost instrument that is able to meet the needs of the student musician. The use of actual Ebony (instead of ebonized) and being fully carved gives a real violin that can survive even the desert climate of Las Vegas!

Sale: $199.00
Available in 3/4 & 4/4 Only

Classical Strings model 70

The Classical Strings model 70 violin is the best value available for beginning violinists today. When you consider the fact that these student models include D'Addario Strings, a professional setup with hand cut and fit bridge, ebony fingerboard and pegs - all of which are already included at no additional charge, you will find that there is no better value on the student market.

Comes in an oblong lightweight case with Brazilwood bow and natural horsehair.

Sale: $299.00
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Classical Strings model 75

Using 4 year old aged wood and an Antiqued varnish, the model 75 violin is an attractive and affordable beginners violin. Already setup with D'Addario Prelude strings in a lightweight oblong case with Brazilwood/Horsehair bow.

Sale: $379.00
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