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About KesslerStrings

Kessler & Sons Music is a family owned business based in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Started in 1989 as primarily a repair shop, Kessler & Sons Music is now Nevada's largest Band & Orchestra specialty store with 3 Las Vegas locations and several web sites. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional service and great prices. We constantly are looking for new items that offer the best value possible to offer to our customers. When we choose an item to sell in our stores, it is because we believe that these items are the best of their price range. We do not sell an item simply because it exists, it has to provide a great value.

Every instrument is shop adjusted prior to shipping to make sure that you get a great playing instrument from the moment you open the box!

Why Should I Buy From Kessler & Sons Music
First, every instrument we sell has been chosen for the performance value that it offers. We are not your typical Internet retailer who simply looks to process an order. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help the customer pick the right instrument for them. We evaluate every instrument up against the competition on the market and only choose to sell the instruments that offer you the best value.

Desert Aged - Like a fine wine, wood gets better with age...
Being based in the desert of Las Vegas, we have a very unique ability to let instruments age. As instruments age and the wood dries out, the instrument will improve slowly over time. However, as instruments dry out in our facilities in Las Vegas, they go through a more rapid drying process than in most areas of the country. This means that our instruments will typically outplay the same instrument that was stored in a more moderate climate.

With our better performance level instruments, we like to buy them in lots that we can then let sit and age. Ideally, we like to let these instruments sit for 6-12 months before making them available to the public. This allows the instrument to dry substantially which drastically improve its tone and resonance. It also allows for us to take care of any issues that would normally arise from the aging process such as:

After these instruments have completed an aging period and been properly setup, they are a far more impressive performing and are far more stable for the player. This extra work takes time, money & patience, but the end result is a better instrument for you!


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